Functional Chemicals

We provide various electronic materials
and other raw materials and chemicals,
using the technology and know-how
that we have developed since our company’s founding
We provide chemical products that serve as the base for a variety of goods that play a wide range of roles in people’s lives, including pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, and special coating materials.
Among these, our chemical technology that allows removal of metals down to the level of parts per billion (ppb) promises be useful in many different industrial sectors. By meeting the needs of our customers, we have acquired technology, experience, and technological capability for carbides (as our company name suggests) and many other materials, and so can continue to create new values that will be desired by many people and that are needed for their lifestyles, through our functional chemicals.

Products Our Field

  • Electronic Materials
  • Coating Materials
  • Agrochemicals
  • Metal Surface Treatment Agent
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Biochemistry

Needs Our functional chemicals make products in many different fields possible

Pharmaceuticals, Printing inks, Coating materials such as paints, Electric appliances, Semiconductors, Agricultural chemicals, etc.

Advantage We have developed technology and know-how since our company’s founding in 1935 when we started with production of carbides

We acquired the know-how to store and use chemicals derived from carbides, our original products.
Our metal removing technology which we have nurtured over the course of many years can reduce concentration of metal in a material to the ppb level without otherwise changing the composition.
Our plant growth regulating agent CX-10 which promotes germination and budding enjoys a large share of the market.
We developed component materials of medical products such as eye drop medicine, thrombolytic agents, and bruise treatment drugs.

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