Mission, Vision, Values


Creating new value with our technological capability, we help make society more prosperous.

The needs of customers are the starting points of our efforts.
We refine and combine the technologies we have nurtured to provide a wide range of products that help realize a sustainable society.


A Corporate Group of
Outstanding Value

Our employees all have confidence and pride in their work, achieving real personal growth as they strive to satisfy all the persons they deal with.
They aim to make NCI a corporate group of outstanding value to society.



We guarantee that our stakeholders will be safe and free from worries and that we completely comply with high standards of business. We steadfastly carry out our responsibilities with sincerity and without compromise.


Our chief thoughts are of what we can do for our customers, for society, and for the future, not what will benefit us. Being of service is our great joy.

One-NCI (Cooperating)

Respecting the uniqueness of each employee, we form into closely cooperating teams, working as one to find solutions to all the challenges we face.


We are not afraid of failure or change, fully exercising our imagination and initiative to create new value for a wide range of businesses. We continue to take up the challenge to reach ever-higher targets.