SDGs Management Initiatives

Sustainability Approaches and Initiatives

In order to realize our vision for 2030, "a corporate Group of outstanding value that contributes to a sustainable society," we have formulated a Medium-term Management Plan through "NCI KIRARI 2025". Under the Plan, we consider the SDGs as an important goal for sustainability management, and have established materialities that are closely related to our mission of "Creating new value with our technological capability, we help make society more prosperous," and that will lead to our contribution to the SDGs. We will provide a wide range of valuable products by mastering and integrating the technologies we have cultivated over the years, and by realizing the materialities, we will strive to sustainably enhance our corporate value and realize a sustainable society.

the five Materialities

We have identified five materialities (important issues) that are closely related to the realization of our Group's mission (Creating new value with our technological capability, we help make society more prosperous), based on our understanding of changes in social interests and needs.

社会、産業のデジタルインフラ整備 健康な生活、安心安全な社会の実現 カーボンニュートラルの実現 地域社会との共存共栄 従業員のやりがいと満足度向上

Business and corporate activities with respect to the five Materialities

Materiality Approach to Materiality Business and Corporate Activities of the Group Related SDGs Targets
Development of social and industrial digital infrastructure In order to meet the society's needs to respond to the new normal, promote DX, develop automated driving and control technologies, and develop an ICT society, we will contribute to the development of industrial infrastructure by providing materials for semiconductors, substrates for electronic devices, high-intensity reflective sheets, and other components.
  • ●Materials for semiconductors
  • ●Substrates for electronic devices
  • ●High-intensity retroreflective sheets
Realization of healthy living and a safe and secure society In order to meet the society's needs to cope with infectious diseases and extend healthy life expectancy, we will contribute to healthy living through drug substances and binders for medical and cosmetic products. Further, we will also contribute to the realization of a safe and secure society through products such as high-strength, high-functional construction materials and retroreflective sheetings.
  • ●Drug substances
  • ●Binders for medical and cosmetic products
  • ●High-strength, high-functional construction materials
  • ●Retroreflective sheetings
Achieving carbon neutrality In response the global challenge of achieving carbon neutrality, we will make contributions through powder conveying technology at the carbon-neutral engineering facilities. Further, in response to society's needs for consideration for the natural environment, reduction of environmental impact, and disclosure of environmental indices, we will make contributions through initiatives such as switching to energy-efficient equipment, use of renewable energy, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and compliance with the TCFD.
  • ●Carbon-neutral engineering facilities
  • ●Use of renewable energy
  • ●Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • ●Compliance with the TCFD
Coexistence and co-prosperity with local communities In response to the society's needs for revitalization of local community, creation of local employment, and addressing environmental issues in local community, we aim to be a corporate group trusted by the community by fulfilling the role required by the community through initiatives such as contribution to community interaction and safety and security in community.
  • ●Securing employment in local community.
  • ●Recognition of NCI through community interaction
  • ●Elimination of environmental accidents
Increased feeling of satisfaction and reward for employees We will implement measures to meet social needs including but not limited to human capital management, achieving work-life balance, promotion of diversity, and promotion of health management, and aim to be a company where each employee is highly productive and achieves a high level of customer satisfaction as well as their own satisfaction.
  • ●Increasing value through human resources development.
  • ●Appropriate staffing and work style reform.
  • ●Use of personnel of diverse nationalities, genders and ages.
  • ●Development of a safe and secure working environment.

About the SDGs Promotion Committee

In order to promote materiality,we have established a SDGs Promotion Committee chaired by the President & Representative Director, which will work on sustainability management. The contents discussed by the committee will be reported to the Board of Directors on a regular basis for discussion and progress management.