Corporate Social Responsibility

NIPPON CARBIDE INDUSTRIES GROUP, in line with the "Basic Guidelines for Corporate Activities" that form the foundation of our corporate activities, is committed to taking responsibility for our impact on society and the environment, and continues making conscious efforts to be responsible for contributing to a sustainable society.

Basic Guidelines on Corporate Activities
As a global enterprise, NIPPON CARBIDE INDUSTRIES GROUP shall observe all relevant laws and ordinances, follow social ethics, and exercise fair and transparent management.
To this end, it hereby establishes the following basic guidelines relating to its corporate activities.
Code of Conduct          
NIPPON CARBIDE INDUSTRIES GROUP hereby establishes the Code of Conduct for all the officers and employees of the Company to comply in accordance with the “Basic guidelines on Corporate Activities”.
Consultation and Reporting System
NIPPON CARBIDE INDUSTRIES GROUP have established a “Hotline”, which is an internal reporting system that allows employees to consult with and report to persons in charge inside and outside the company.”.
Basic Policy on Information Security
NIPPON CARBIDE INDUSTRIES GROUP is committed to company-wide information security measures to protect information assets, including but not limited to information entrusted to us by our customers and business partners as well as the Group’s trade secrets and personal information, from accidents, disasters, crime, and other threats, and to earn the trust of our customers and society.

SDGs Declaration

Under the mission “Creating new value with our technological capability, we help make society more prosperous”, we at NIPPON CARBIDE INDUSTRIES GROUP regard the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the United Nations as important targets and continue to contribute to a sustainable society in the future by providing a wide range of valuable products through the mastery and integration of accumulated technologies.

To realize the SDGs targets

  • ・We will set SDGs targets as an extension of the Medium-term Management Plan, and defi ne the realization of the Medium-term Management Plan as the achievement of the SDGs targets.
  • ・We will set our own key issues and work to resolve them.
  • ・As a prime listed company, we will disclose the details of our initiatives in a timely manner.
  • ・All employees of NIPPON CARBIDE INDUSTRIES GROUP companies will participate.
SDGs Management InitiativesPromotion of SDGs Management

Here is the link to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) >