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Nikalet ECR
"Nikalet ECR" has been a synonymous for "mold cleaner tablet"
in Semiconductor industry as holding the largest share in it
Semiconductors are electronic parts being mounted in all types of electronic and electric devices which are related largely to our dally lives.
The melamine resin developed by NCI is used as a mold cleaning material that removes the stains and residues of epoxy resin, now widely known by its trade name “Nikalet ECR” in the semiconductor industry.
With not only its reliable high cleaning performance but also excellent usability which enables users to clean the mold without detaching it from the machine, worldwidely acquired the high reputation that it is essential for semiconductor industry.

Products The products and technologies that we provide

Semiconductor mold cleaner
『Nikalet ECR-T/ECR-C』

Melamine based cleaning resin developed for removing the stains and residues of epoxy resin caused during the production.
Comes in both tablet type and biscuit type.

Semiconductor Mold Conditioner
『Nikalet ECR-C KU』

Mold conditioner which recovers the releasability after the cleaning.

Needs Nikalet ECR-T cleans the mold by the same process which the epoxy resin is molded

The mold of epoxy resin

The mold after cleaning by Nikalet ECR

Advantage The pioneer of semiconductor mold cleaning materials

The largest share of mold cleaning materials (by internal investigation).
The superior cleaning function of this melamine resin contributes greatly to improvements in semiconductor productivity.
Nikalet ECR cleans the mold in the same way as epoxy resin is molded, without metal mold being detached from machine.
Through the technology and know-how acquired over the years, this resin can be applied to LEDs and various sensors as well.

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