Fire Retardants

Fire Retardants of Guanidine or Melamine Type

  • Functional Chemicals

Product Summary

The “Apinon” series of fire retardants, which are synthetic agents prepared from basic organic nitrogen compounds and fire-retardant inorganic acids, are gaining attention as environmentally-friendly fire retardants containing no halogens, formaldehydes and heavy metals that cause dioxin formation. Guanidine, a basic compound, and salt formed by sulfuric acids or phosphoric acids both possess flame retardancy towards cellulose as a result of dehydration carbonization and are ideal flame retardants for paper and fibers.
Guanylic urea-based flame retardants has a characteristic of causing significant foaming. Melamine-based flame retardants, which are synthesized from melamine and acids that exhibit strong flame retardancy, possess higher flame retardancy as flame retardants for resins than cyanuric melamine acids.


Timber, CNF(Cellulose nanofiber), Pulp and Paper products, Fire-resisting and Incombustibility, Building structures, Water and Sewage

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