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Product Summary

We have been producing from plain substrates to printed circuit board by screen printing for more than 30 years. Also, we have printing equipments both in Japan and Thailand.


For Hybrid IC, Quartz Crystal Oscillators, MEMS, Communication Equipment, Electro-Devices, Electronic Power Sources, Sensors, Electro-Devises for Automobiles, etc.



・ Excellent performance in productivity,reliability and functional properties with full-automation line from printing to to final inspection.
・ Available with multi-layer circuit with thick-film printing technologies.
・ Fine pattern line with screen-printing technology line and space with 80μm/80μm.
・ Available with custom- made properties with in-house formulation in raw materials.


・ Pattern Line/Space 80/80μm
・ Material AgPd, AgPt, Au, Resistor, Glass paste
・ Available for each surface treatments and various types of Plating
・ Via hole filling (thermal vias)
・ Pb free
・ Breaking line with V-Sore lines for smoother breaking into units

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