Aerial Display

A clearly visible display in mid-air is
realized using reflective material
“Aerial Display Reflector” - Surrounded by nothing but air, a clear image can be reproduced.
This technology seemed to be only possible sometime in the future, but it is now available. It is drawing attention for use in industrial products such as automobiles, in the entertainment field, and especially in the medical treatment and the food industries, since it allows devices to be operated by finger movement in mid-air without actually touching a keyboard etc. and thus is extremely sanitary.
We surely will be entering the age of digital signs. We give wide-ranging support to our customers, taking on a crucial role in creating these new signs.

Introduction Aerial display can be seen in a video


  • Some light emitted by a display is directed at a beam splitter.
  • Light reflected from the beam splitter goes to a reflector.
  • The reflector sends that light back to the beam splitter.
  • Light passing through the beam splitter comes together, forming an image in mid-air.

Needs This non-contact aerial display promises to be of benefit in many ways

By introducing this aerial display as an operation tablet in medical facilities, restaurants, and factories, operations can be conducted in a more hygienic environment.

Applications such as displays within a car, security devices, digital signs, and amusement visual displays, all in mid-air.


Retroreflection technology is used to lower the high hurdle in the path to develop an aerial display.
The know-how gained through development of retroreflective sheet technology is used for the reflector in an aerial display. Vivid still and moving images can be made to float in mid-air.
The device has a simple structure so that it can easily be introduced where it is needed, using it together with your present display device.
It can be delivered in the form of a roll, tape, or separate leaves as suitable for the application and size. Large size sheets also have uniform retroreflection properties.

Line up

*Aerial resolution: ratio with that of our company’s standard product / Aerial image brightness: ratio with that of the display device.

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