Aerial Display Reflector

RF-A Series

  • Aerial Display Reflector

Product Summary

By using RF-A, you are able to project  the aerial image, clearly.


Aerial Display Reflector






・RF-A retroreflect light uniformly.

・RF-A is able to be shipped by roll, tape or cut sheet to accommodate projects’ requirement.

・We are able to stably supply RF-A in the stable quality, because we produce all up the retroreflective sheetings from  the mold create.

・By utilizing ultra-precision prismatic elements, extreme brightness is obtainable.

・Differentiating with refractive index type of reflection, which needs encapsulated air cell, prismatic type utilizes mirror face directly.

・We are able to control reflection and distance and to optimize application requirement.

・The improvement of sheet face results in higher reflective performance.  

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