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Product Summary

It is a material for manufacturing labels using laser beam. The label material is comprised of two layers of laminated films in different colors. The first layer (the surface layer) is ablated by laser beam, which allows the second layer to become visually recognizable and the information to be printed.
Because the laser marker device is capable of printing information and cutting the film into label shapes at the same time, you can print only required number of required labels. The product is a perfect tool for manufacturing authentication labels that requires individual information such as serial numbers, name plate labels and labels that keep process management and manufacturing history of products.


Certification labels, Nameplate labels, Process control labels, Barcode labels


Label Material for Laser Markable


The product is a label material having superior durability and can be used in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.


Hi-S CaL AX7416M (1th layer:Black/2nd layer:White)
Hi-S CaL AX7S40M (1th layer:Silver/2nd layer:Black)
Hi-S CaL AX7140L (1th layer:White/2nd layer:Black)
Hi-S CaL AX7210M (1th layer:Red/2nd layer:White)



Hi-S CaL AX7000 Series


Traceability Label

The product ensures barcode readability, and is free from problems such as label coming off even under high temperature conditions, for example, in the reflow soldering process. This assures that the manufacturing history is recorded.

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