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Rubber Type Nikalet RCC

  • Specialty Polymers
  • Electronic and Functional Products (Semiconductor Mold Cleaner)

Product Summary

Rubber based cleaning sheets developed for removing the stains and residues of epoxy resin caused during the production.

・Nikalet RCC ID・IE・IJ clean the mold easily without metal mold being detached from machine, leading to an improvement in productivity.
・Nikalet RCC LI is used for the recovery of releasability after the cleaning.


Semiconductor Mold Cleaner, Semiconductor Mold Conditioner


High cleaning performance
Air vent parts and parting parts can also be cleaned
No lead frames is required


(Length x width x thickness)

240 mm X 180 mm X 7 mm
With a 15 mm-wide slit
240 mm X 180 mm X 7 mm
With a 10 mm-wide slit
※ Please contact in case of inquiry of other sizes.

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