Regarding the handling of personal information in this Company

Nippon Carbide Industries Co., Inc. (hereafter “the Company”) recognizes that it is important to provide proper protection of information that can identify customers or persons with whom the Company has business dealings, including names, addresses, and telephone numbers (hereafter “personal information”). In order for the Company to always be aware of its social responsibilities and always observe laws and regulations regarding personal information as it conducts its business activities, it has established the following basic guidelines.

In principle, the only possible purposes of the collection of personal information in the case where persons kindly provide this information are to enable the preparation and improvement of the products, services, and information relating thereto of Nippon Carbide Industries Co., Inc., and to reply to inquiries. (However, if one purpose of use is clearly specified for certain information, that information shall be used for that purpose.) If personal information is to be used for other purposes, this intended purpose shall be announced to individuals before they disclose this information.

About access logs – Our website keeps records of the persons who access the website, in the form of an access log. In the access log, IP addresses, types of web browsers and OSes, and access dates are recorded. This information is statistically analyzed to aid in website security management and to grasp how the website is used.

About Cookies – Our website is using cookies. A cookie is a small packet of information sent from our website to your computer that functions as a tool capable of efficiently providing you with relevant content when you access our website again. The cookie is stored on a hard disk of your computer. By changing browser settings of your computer, you can refuse to receive a cookie or make your web browser display a warning message when receiving a cookie.

About protection of personal information at linked websites − Our website may have links to websites outside the Company. This Company bears no responsibility whatsoever regarding the protection of personal information or the contents at those websites outside the Company.

Where to make inquiries – If you wish to confirm personal information about yourself, please inquire here. The Company will reveal the personal information that it has stored about you when you make the inquiry only if your can confirm your identity with some type of personal identification certificate, in order to prevent leakage of personal information to a third party. We may however still refuse to reveal personal information if such disclosure would violate some party’s rights or interests, or interfere greatly with the Company’s business activities. If you point out to us a mistake in information you have provided or apply to change some of that information, we will make the necessary investigation and then revise or delete inaccurate or outdated information. We can only accept applications for revision or deletion from a person that we can confirm to be the subject of the personal information, who provided the original information.

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