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Nikkalite® Retro-reflective sheeting is a functional film used for road signs etc.

In the network of roads extending around the globe, retroreflective sheets used on road signs and vehicle reflectors play an active role in maintaining safety and order. To meet the needs of our customers, we offer high reflectivity types with enclosed lens or encapsulated lens and super high reflectivity types with prisms, for an abundance of grades.

The structure of Retro-reflective Sheeting

Retro-reflectivity is a special optical phenomenon of reflection. This phenomenon occurs when light directed on the reflective sheeting is returned directly back to the source of light. This characteristic is quite different from luminous paint or luminescent tape.
The sheeting structure consists of numerous tiny glass beads in diameters of 40-90u with very high refractive properties placed uniformly and evenly on its respective layer. This enables the soft thin sheeting to have a total thickness of only 100-300u.
Each glass bead is a true sphere which acts similar to a convex lens. The source of light passes through the glass bead, refracts and is focused together onto the outer reflective layer on the back of the glass bead. The light then returns directly back through the glass bead. The diagram below shows the structure of the reflective sheeting.

Nikkalite Applications In The World

Comparison of Daytime and Nighttime

Products Information

Enclosed lens type(RS Series)

Encapsulated lens type(ULS Series)

Prism type(CRG series)

Nikkalite Panexus

Solvent system and inkjet printing retroreflective sheeting

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