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ISO Certificate

Certificate for ISO 9001

In Nippon Carbide Industries, Uozu&Hayatsuki Factory, Kyoto Manufacturing Site, R&D Center, and Manufacturing Technology Center acquired certificate of ISO9001, which is an international standard of Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

We keep up to provide reliable qualities and services for customers, under our Quality Control System which the certificate vouches for.

Registered name
Nippon Carbide Industries Co., Inc.
Range of offices
Uozu&Hayatsuki Factory、Kyoto Manufacturing Site、R&D Center、Manufacturing Technology Center
Range of productsDesign, development and manufacture of products mentioned below
Melamine resin related products, fine chemical products, marking film, polymer solution and non-aqueous dispersion for adhesive, adhesive polymer of aqueous emulsion, retro-reflective sheeting, optical composite sheet
Applicable Standard
ISO9001:2015・JIS Q9001:2015
Agency for examination and registration
JACO (Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality)
Registration number
Date of Registration
24th December 2003

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