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Nikkalite Super Engineering Grade (SEG) Super Engineering Grade (SEG) was developed to provide high retro-reflectivety, excellent visibility and long durability for traffic signs, general signage and other safety devices.

Nikkalite Super Engineering Grade (SEG)


Enclosed lens type retro-reflective sheeting


17000 Series (Heat activated adhesive) 18000 Series (Pressure sensitive adhesive)


Durability - 10 years (Orange 3years)

SEG has a reflective performance which is far higher than the first class sheeting of JIS Z9117 standards and excellent durability.
It’s easy to run mass production for Heat Activated Adhesive type by using vacuum applicator. For Pressure Sensitive Type, due to positionable adhesive is being used, both roller-applicator for mass production and hand roller are applicable in excellent processibility.


Road traffic signs and general sign display and safety materials, etc.


Widths : 1220mm(48 Inch), 920mm(36 Inch), 610mm(24 Inch)
Length : 45.7m(50 Yard)

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