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Alkyl monovinyl ether Manufacturing begins in 1984, and the equipment remodeling is done in 1996, and the vinylether of a low boiling point came to be able to be manufactured and to be sold.
I will do a safe, based on handling technology of the acetylene that ignites and is high that has been cultivated during half a century certain operation, and promise a steady product supply.

Alkyl monovinyl ether





There are olefine of making to fluorine etc. as a copolymerization element a vinyl chloride, aceta Bi, and acrylic (meta Kuril) acid, the ester, and maleic anhydrides (F2C=CF2 etc.).
These Polymer gives compatibility and plasticity, etc. , and improves work, stainability, strength, flexibility, the transparency, and luster, etc.

Separately, Polymer < brand name: The offer by Crosmar > is also possible.


Monomer (As a medium) becomes raw materials such as the plasticizer, the resin reforming medicine, the corrosion inhibitor, sterilizers, and the insecticides.
Moreover, it is used for the adhesive, paints, the lubricant, grease, and elastomeric, etc. as a homopolymer (Chiefly depend on the cation polymerization).
In addition, it ..copolymer (.. is chiefly used for the medicine, cosmetics, the adhesive, the coating agent, the fiber finish medicine, and the lubricating oil additive, etc. as a reactive diluent ..dependence on the radical polymerization...


Purity: 95% or more


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