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Nikkalite Flexible Retroreflective SheetingThe best reflective sheetings for the solvent system and inkjet print.


Enclosed lens type reflective sheeting (FMG - H8512) / Encapsulated lens type high intensity reflective sheeting (F UL - V512)


FMG - H8512 (White) F UL - V512 (White)


FMG - H8512 (White) weather resistance : 7 years
F UL - V512 (White) weather resistabce : 3 years

<1> Both are compatible with various printing methods.
1) Solvent-base inkjet.
2) Thermal Transfer printer.
3) Screen printing.

<2> Flexible, able to apply onto curved body.

<3> Excellent impact resistance.(No significant surface damage by the impact under the low temperature atmosphere)

<4> Use adhesive which works well under low temperature.

<5> Adhesive adheres to not only aluminum substrate, but also plastic substrate.

*FMG H8512 is available for special type adhering to concrete.


Multi-color graphics using screen or ink jet printing.


Widths : 1220mm(48 Inch)

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