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Nikalet ECR-C_KU0810Melamine resin system molding material compression type for metal mold Hana
type recovery material

Nikalet ECR-C_KU0810


Compression type




Nicaret ECR-C_KU0810 is a melamine resin molding material for metal mold Hana type recovery that Nippon Carbide Industries Co., Inc. developed for the Hanacata effect rise needed when the epoxy resin molding material is used. Nicaret ECR Giving the Hanacata action to all aspects of the metal mold according to the same process as the construction of the product without detaching the metal mold it becomes possible by using C KU0810, and it connects with the improved productivity.


Please put the proper quantity on the metal mold and use it because KU0810 is a compression type unlike a general Hanacata recovery material.
The feature is as follows.
(1)The effect of Hanacata can be given to all aspects of the metal mold even in the part where Hanacata was not given easily by a past transfer type such as the air Bengt parts.
(2)It is possible to correspond to all metal molds by one size.
(3)The lead frame is unnecessary.
(4)Because the melamine resin is a base, the quality guaranteed term and one year and
the stock control become easy.


Metal mold Hana type recovery material for semiconductor


(Length)73mmX(Side)38mmX(Height)7mm  (Pale green color)


It is investigating.

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