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Specialty Polymers Division

Specialty Polymers Division

NIKASOL and NISSETSU link customers to with customers’ needs.

This company’s high polymer synthesis technology and resin polymerization technology have engendered a wide variety of functional resins. We manufacture and sell adhesive products with a wide range of uses, from general label use to uses in medical, optical, and electronic equipment, coating materials for paper, film, and metal, fiber processing, pigments, etc.

Introduction of New Product

Vinylether Polymer( trade name: Crossmer )
With living cation polymerization technology, we developed new a vinylether polymer of copolymerization type, which is excellent at stability and low membrane stimulating quality.
Also it can be a polymer of crosslinking heat or UV by combined with monomers selected arbitrarily.
We can use these polymers as medical materials, UV hardening INK or UV coating materials, high performance adhesives and optical films.

New vinylether Polymer of the copolymerization type was developed.

It succeeded in the development of excellent vinylether Polymer in stability and the low film stimulation by the use of the living cation polymerization technology.
It is possible to make it to Polymer that the heat constructing a bridge and the UV constructing a bridge are possible by combining arbitrary monomer.

It is possible to use it as a material for the medical treatment, UV stiffening ink, a coating material, a high performance sticking, an adhesive fee, and an optical film material.

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