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Operational Headquarters of Functional Products

Operational Headquarters of Functional Products

Operational Headquarters of Functional Products

Ever since this company’s founding in 1935, acetylene derivative production using carbides as raw materials has continued to be its fundamental technology. Functional products including chemicals, specialty polymers, and films that were thus derived support all kinds of industries which have made improvements in modern clothing, food, and housing and have made today’s society prosperous.
There are still many problems in the world which must be solved in areas such as energy, food supply, the environment, and medical treatment. In order to solve specific problems one by one, and to create a future where the people of the world can live more prosperously and comfortably, chemical technology and products must play a leadership role. The product lines created by our functional product business are materials that will contribute to realization of the society expected in the future.

Operational Headquarters of Functional Products

Chemicals Division

This division provides raw materials for pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals, materials used in electronics, etc. that make possible a wide variety of leading edge technologies. We offer an assortment of molding materials such as melamine resins us

Specialty Polymers Division

This company’s high polymer synthesis technology and resin polymerization technology have engendered a wide variety of functional resins. We manufacture and sell adhesive products with a wide range of uses, from general label use to uses in medical, opti

Films Division

  • Marking FilmsHigh function films that inspire dreams for the future
  • StickersWe offer printed graphic products as decorations for vehicles

Packaging Materials

Wrapping films that come in handy in everyone’s daily lives!

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